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About FFK

FFK’s lineage goes back to the early 1950s, and we honorably take our expertise and commitment in the market from the family’s long-standing businesses.

What was once a single market division is now proudly a group of diversified operations in the fashion, personal electronics and software development, investment and real estate industries.

An optimum lean organization is FFK’s main focus since its initiation, with an emphasis on maintaining our family and social values.

We are proud of our involvement in the community through the hiring and development of young men and women.


FFK Enterprises was initially created as a spinoff of its mother company, Al-Kadi Commerce & Industry (Est. 1950). The former holding company is one of the leading privately-owned companies in the GCC. Its reach and coverage extend to all the major industries in the area, with a renowned presence in retail, telecom, manufacturing and real estate. FKK started as a leading division in the automotive industry and later diversified its operations into more markets, such as high-end retail, web-based marketing, real estate and business consultation.

Business Development

FFK is a diversified group of companies that enjoy the shared services available within the group. Centralized accounting, collective purchasing and shared HR and IT operations provide the group the ability to leverage its assets and know-how to the advantage of the whole group. By adding more scale, the company is always on the lookout for new ventures, JV’s and partnerships to further broaden its portfolio.

Social responsibility

FFK is constantly involved in the community through charities and development programs, and acknowledges its responsibility towards the society it operates in. Our social values and traditions of giving back is a commitment that has been inherited and closely guarded.